It’s happened to us all:  someone special (Grandma, Aunt Sally, your mom), wants you to have this chair, sofa, or ottoman:  “a family heirloom” they say.  “Gee, thanks, Mom!”  It’s old…it’s sagging…the fabric is worn, torn, and hideous:  What to do?

Well, in most cases, it can be re-upholstered and returned to life in your home.  It can be re-made into the masterpiece it once was!  A good re-upholsterer is your friend.  As is a fabulous fabric or nailhead trim.

Traditions of Loveville recently took on such a project.  We worked with true originals, antiques, and treasured pieces in a historic home in Charles County.  Just in time for Maryland Home and Garden Pilgrimage, we brought antique wing chairs, side chairs and rockers back to life.  With creative use of color, pattern and a healthy dose of history, we re-upholstered the featured pieces.

The homeowner requested bold color and updated, but traditional patterns.  Our designer, Sarah Moreland, delivered.

So, in answer to the question:  Yes, antiques and family heirlooms are a wonderful way to honor your family and update your home. Let Traditions of Loveville help you assess, design, and transform your hand-me-downs into something wonderful.