The relationship between a client and a designer is all about communication.  Like all great relationships, it starts with a spark:  a color palette, a great piece of art, a rug, an inspired idea.  It often happens with a beverage..a cup of coffee, a glass of wine.  But mostly, it’s about an open line of communication between designer and client, a type of honesty that is shared between girlfriends.

That’s what happened with this design project:  the client brought her wish list (how the space would be used, her inspiration for how she wanted the space to look, and most importantly, how much she wanted to spend).

The goal was to create a stylish & multifunctional, sunroom for a busy family of six.  Together, like all good partnerships, we collaborated on paint selection, rugs, room layout, furniture selection, lighting, and management of natural light.  With fun conversation and keeping an open-mind, we created a space tailored for her family.   And, in the process, became great friends.