Here at Traditions of Loveville we strive to give you excellent customer service, beautiful interiors and a great value.

We wanted to share with you the benefits of shopping local and keeping your business in your community.

Top 12 Benefits to Buying Local

  • Money Spent Here Stays Here
  • Jobs and Wages
    Supporting local businesses provides support to the jobs they offer.
  • Stronger Tax Base
  • Local Business Owners Invest in our Community
    Local businesses are owned or managed by people who live and work in our communities, raising their families and investing in our communities’ futures. They support our churches, our schools, our organizations, our quality of life.
  • Better Variety
    Local businesses provide a wide variety of products and services, right here in our community. Many of these are “one-of-a-kind” businesses that provide our community with its own distinct character. The more people shop here, the more products and services will be available.
  • Convenience Equals Savings
    Shopping locally saves you time and money. A shopping trip outside of our county costs you for every mile you drive, each way, and valuable time away from your home.
  • Green-Friendly
    Shopping locally reduces your gas consumption and pollution.
  • Keeping Local Dollars in the Economy
  • Local Character and Prosperity
    In an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an advantage in offering quality of life and unique experiences.
  • Friends and Neighbors
    Local businesses are staffed by local residents, your friends and neighbors. You get better service from people you know and who know you. And, you can catch up on “what’s new” with other customers as you shop.
  • Non-profits receive greater support
  • Community Well-Being
    Vote with your pocketbook! St. Mary’s County matters to you, so let our businesses know that you want them to stay in our communities.