In our first ever designer profile we would like to introduce to the world to one of our very talented designers, Sarah Moreland. Sarah is originally from Newport News, Virginia and moved to the area in 2010 when she married her husband. She received her B.A. in International Studies from Randolph Macon College and continued her education at Marymount University graduating with a M.A. in Interior Design.

Prior to pursuing her Masters in Interior Design, Sarah worked in the field of event planning and fundraising. While completing her Masters, Sarah interned for a commercial architecture and design firm in Arlington, Virginia. After graduating from Marymount University, she gained experience with other architecture and design firms before coming to Traditions of Loveville in 2011.

Designer Q&A with Sarah Moreland

Q: What are your favorite trends this year?

A: Recently, I’ve seen a lot of geometric patterns that combine bold colors with traditional architectural motifs.  Although, it’s not a revolutionary concept, I think it’s a fun way to merge traditional with modern.

Q: What are some books that inspire your designs?

AThe Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka is a great book. It is more of a design philosophy that focuses on using space efficiently and the quality of space verses the quantity of space.

Q: Are there websites/blogs that you follow that inspire and aid you?

A: Yes, I use regularly as well as and DesignWire, a website and blog run by Interior Design magazine.  I’ll also read other blogs and websites as I come across them, too, but I’m not a blog junkie.

Q: What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and perhaps a limited budget? / How can young couples begin decorating when they’re on a budget?

A: The best thing to do is to establish a design plan to work toward, with assistance of a design professional, then work from the plan as time and budget allow. (I recommend this for anyone who is starting a new design project). Start by investing in a few well-made pieces or in a project that you know will make have a positive impact on the way you live.  Versatility is also important.  Most young couples will move or use their house differently as their lives change. When choosing furniture, choose pieces that are smaller in scale and some that are more neutral in color. This will increase their versatility over time.

Q: What are some of the common decorating mistakes made by homeowners? What’s your advice on how to avoid or correct those mistakes?

A: Choosing the proper scale of your design elements in relation to one  another to the space in which they are located, is sometimes difficult for homeowners. If you have a hard time visualizing, a scaled layout will help. Or, you can try using a removable tape to outline your design elements. I don’t think this is a mistake but more of a misconception. So many people ask me what the rule is for some particular part of design. I would suggest not to dwell on ‘rules’, but more on aesthetics and bringing your style into the space, so don’t be afraid to take a small risk.  I would also suggest not getting too involved with what is trending.  Your space can be full of style without committing to trends.

Q: What decorating ideas would you recommend to a homeowner who wants to rev up the look of a bedroom or living room for Spring?

A: Linens and fabrics are always a good way to refresh a room and could be done seasonally. If you wanted to make more of a commitment, adding or changing window treatments also has a nice impact. You could also try rearranging the room or even changing the paint color.

Q: Many clients are eager to know what is the “latest” color, design, and furnishings trend. Can you comment on trends vs. personal style?

A: To elaborate on a previous answer, I like to think of the latest colors and trends in design the way I think about a wardrobe: its fun and exciting to incorporate new colors and styles into your choices, and a way to stay current, but the feeling of putting on the well-tailored suit or your favorite pair of heels you invested in a few years ago is the best.


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