Hello Fall . . . Traditions of Loveville, here.  I’ve been waiting all summer for you.  I’ve missed you, the colors, the cooking, the cognac.  I’ve been thinking about getting away for the weekend, college football games, visiting friends, (oops I need a gift!)…guess I ‘ll shop my own shelves. We have had all sorts of new gifts recently come into Traditions this month, from candles, to owls, to lotions and fragrances. No matter what harvest moon gathering you are attending, we have the perfect gift for that fabulous host or hostess in your life.

Though, just because you are looking for a gift doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a cozy fall pick me up. We have fragrant bath salts from Thymes and perfumed lotions from Gianna Rose. All encased in exquisite packaging perfect for yourself, or if you are feeling generous, the host or hostesses.

If you have decided to stay in for the evening we have various cozy chairs to pull up to the fireplace, along with assorted books to keep you occupied. If you are more technically inclined- why not head over to our Pinterest page and get more ideas for your Autumn room from Traditions of Loveville?

Autumn, arrived here:  Saturday, September, 22 at 10:49 a.m….Traditions of Loveville opens at 10 everyday, come celebrate the seasons with us...